A blog for sharing my thoughts and experiments

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Some may agree with me that one of the best ways to study and understand a concept is through practicing it. In preparation to going after my first internship in 2016, I started to participate in Kaggle competitions and doing some personal projects. I started posting this content to my GitHub page in order to build a portfolio for recruiters to inspect.

Two years later, even though I’m in a great position in my career, I’m even more confident that building these small snippets of data science is an effective way to learn and test with new ideas. More importantly, publishing these analyses presents me with the challenge to explain what I learned in a structured and clear manner, which boosts learning even further.

Recognizing the limitations of only using GitHub repositories to publish my analyses, I decided to face the challenge of having a blog, with the intent of making the content more accessible to the community. I’m adding posts for all the old analyses I’ve made in the correct timestamps, and hope to publish many more in the future.

I hope my posts bring cool insights to you! Feel free to drop me a message if you have any feedback.

Kind Regards, Guilherme